Bettering Society Rendition 1

Ever wonder the question why our art history professors especially like to place hordes of books on their shelves? Guilt trip, mental derision, torturous reading assignment, smug sense of superiority? Possibly all of the above or just research. Well if your like me, then you’d be highly suspicious of this “research” they seem to always allude to. Oh I really need to work on my conference paper, presentation, … So where is the proof that they don’t just sit there on their laptops checking their emails, facebook, news, or just online shopping???

If your suspicions are rising now then I succeeded in my task, verify that your professors do work by reading their new books or what have you. Here’s one for the records: Professor Um’s new article Greenlaw’s Suakin:

The Limits of Architectural Representation and the Continuing Lives of Buildings in Coastal Sudan.

As a considerate human being and strong believer in your ability to avoid reading I know most of you won’t bother finding the article if it requires work; ergo I found you the link to the article within Bartle’s database, no excuses now hah!

Click Here

p.s. if your going to wear shoes like TOMS then you should at least make yourself aware of the contemporary African landscape.


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