Calling All Art Lovers!

The Art History Association has formed as of Wednesday, serving to bring a stronger bond within our community and an awareness of local cultural events. Didn’t think Binghamton had culture, well you’ll soon be surprised. Have ideas or interests you wish to share, or couldn’t make it to the first GIM, no worries! We’ll hold a second meeting within two weeks, time and date to be announced.

On a second note. Like to draw, paint, sculpt, do graphic design, and etc, then come to our much anticipated second meeting, we plan to create a form of discussion on the up and coming practices of artists like yourselves, whether it be this very blog or through the one of the many school newspapers.

Can you say road trip to NYC?!?!? That’s right, kick Thoreau in the face for telling you to retreat into nature because the Art History department is making a trip to not only the Cloisters, but also the Met. Tickets are $35 for students. Side note, I don’t know about you people, but anytime I have you an excuse to leave the Binghamton area, I seize it –carpe diem.

Lastly, do you have a profound sense of superiority over your colleagues? Think your opinion matters? Your resume is a bit lacking like mine? Just like hearing yourself talk and or rant about art? Then consider joining the Undergraduate Panel for the Crossing the Borders Event, there’s probably going to be free food for added motivation on the list reasons to go.

*Remember, join the Art History Association. Were cool people!


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