Meet the Scene #4 Seung Yong Song

Profoundly interesting, Seung Yong Song’s pieces seem to suggest an inner child like playfulness within his minimalist designs. Perhaps this sense of youthful charisma within his design derives from Song’s search for “hidden spaces.” Evidently, Song’s designs for pieces like Object-O offer us a place for contemplation and inner solitude while other designs seem most liberating in its multi-functionality. Take for example Object-B, its main purpose remains unknown. Should I use it as a chair, a ladder, or a bookcase?  Notably, Song’s designs maybe minimal in design but nonetheless, ingenious enough to strike up a riveting conversation.

Leave me alone, I'm thinking!

“I have memories that I made a den somewhere in my house as a child- Under the table, in the wardrobe, and in the attic- I created my own base and felt relieved as if I avoided enemies that were actually non-existent. My own secret space at the moment which was comfortable and protected, better than a huge mansion, the coziness of the space like a bird’s nest isn’t what we dream basically?”                    -SYS

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For more information on Seung Yong Song’s design click here.


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