Protect our Freedom!

The SA is reticent to spend a meager $150 chartering three separate fine arts clubs at Binghamton (we won’t mention the 10 different engineering associations currently supported by the SA). Below, our plea for independent funding– I’ll wait for your comments before I send it.

Dear Liz,

I have recently been informed of your suggestion that the Binghamton Art Club, Undergraduate Art History Association and B.U. Fine Arts Society merge as they cannot be individually chartered. The entire Undergraduate Art History Association stands behind me in the belief that the goals of our organization differ greatly from those of the Binghamton Art Club and the B.U. Fine Arts Society, and that to combine our groups would be to detract from the original mission of the association. 
The members of the Undergraduate Art History Association are not seeking to improve their studio art skills. Our goals diverge greatly from those of the Binghamton Art Club, and to collaborate would be useless to both groups. While the aims of the B.U. Fine Arts Society and the UAHA are similar in certain respects, the UAHA has a broader focus than the B.U. Fine Arts Club, and we seek to expand our activities beyond the sphere of preparation for professions in the arts. I would urge you to consider the established position of the Undergraduate Art History Association at Binghamton and the Art History department faculty support of the UAHA in making your decision on chartering. We are all eager to participate in the group to which we have already dedicated time and effort. 
Please respect our desire to remain separate. We would sincerely appreciate your help. 
Best regards,
Katerina Acuna
President, Undergraduate Art History Association
Binghamton University
P.O. Box 6000, Binghamton, NY 13902

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