If you seriously doubt/hate artists who favor overly nihilistic critiques on capitalism i.e. Damien Hirst, worry no more as we slowly bring you a list of trendy art history related objects to consider buying. Nothing says screw you Jeff Koons like a brand new Louis Vuitton bag made in collaboration with Yayoi Kusama. #fyeah capitalism #notacommie. Madness you say, well Marc Jacob’s doesn’t think so check out the video posted by Hypebeast. Link.


If Kusama is not your cup of tea, or LV is simply not within your price range, then perhaps LEGO’s has something that fits the bill. I’d like to posit the perfect Christmas gift for those architectural geeks you know, that is to say, LEGO’s Villa Savoye. Notably, Le Corbusier is the perfect supplement to mistletoe; nothing quite gets you in the mood that the imagery of an old nude architect. Link.


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