UAHA: News & Events

A quick thanks to those of you that attended the GIM for UAHA today. Our second meeting will be held in two weeks from now at the same time and location; it can also be found below. In the coming days or weeks we will keep you posted on any upcoming events from your many helpful  suggestions.

SECOND MEETING 10/24 FA 218, 6 pm.

Furthermore, we would like to bring to your attention two upcoming events held by the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies aka. CEMERS.

1. They will be hosting a talk this upcoming Monday Sept. 24 at the IASH conference room in the library tower –directly left of the library tower elevators. The talk will be discuss the relations between Medieval architecture and violence (insert cheesy gore font).

2. CEMER’s is also hosting a trip to the Corning Museum of Glass on Friday October 19th. As you can probably deduce the tour will be on Medieval glass.

For Medieval majors the cost is only $20.00. For Undergraduate/Graduate majors it is $25.00 and for Faculty/Staff/other the cost is $35.00; buses leave at noon and come back at 6:30.

For more information and signing up contact the CEMERS office LN  1129 or


Lastly, for those new to the Binghamton Art History Department, the department hosts biweekly VizCult lectures held on Wednesday’s at 5:15 in FA 218. The next lecture will be on Oct. 3rd. Currently the lectures are curated by Professor Hatch.

To note the undergraduate art historian attendance at these events is currently near non-existent, a greater participation by the undergrads would reflect nicely on your part, while also providing an invaluable opportunity to see current art historical research and an opportunity to network with fellow colleagues and or professors. 

For other art history news refer to the dept blog


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